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M56 Titanium Tour Graphite Shaft/Loft Selection

Your Usual 8 Iron Distance

Tour Graphite  44.75" 9° or 12° Loft

Smooth Tempo

Fast Tempo

>130 yards

AA  Flex 

A or R Flex

130-140 yards

A Flex 

R or F Flex

140-150 yards

R or F  Flex

 F or S

150-160 yards

F or S  Flex

160-170 yards

S  or X Flex 


170+ yards

S, X  Flex to XX 

X or XX

-For Fast Tempo Players, select stiffer shaft option.

-Feel Players may wish to select less stiff shaft.

-One flex stiffer will bring down ball flight and add run. 

-Players seeking additional control may wish to select 12°Loft Driver.

-Or try one 9° and one 12° to provide maximum driving options for all playing conditions.

The M56 Driver employs the finest

Boron Certified-High Modulus Graphite Shafts manufactured in the U.S.A. exclusively for


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Harrison Shafts have won multiple National Long Drive Competitions

We are the only maker to offer Harrison premium quality shafts as stock shafts  in their clubs.
We can fit anyone...even the hardest hitters.....see this article.


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